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About Us

TuitionSingapore.Org is owned by H Z International, a tuition agency established since 1995… We provide home tuition services for Pre-School pupils up to Junior College and Polytechnic pupils. The objective of us is to assist students to succeed in their studies.


We are in this business due to 3 significant reasons.

check12First of all, everybody knows how stress-filled studying can be in Singapore. At times school teachers don’t have time for every single pupil within the class. Thus, pupils may still get their questions left un-answered right after the class. With the aid of a private tutor, they will reap the benefits of it by getting their questions cleared. This will help them to accomplish much better in their studies.

check12Second of all, we see the problems that many parents encountered with tutors from some other agencies. There are lots of complains that tutors often turn up late for lesson, cancel the lesson on the very last minute, and so forth. We do our very best to filter out the tutors who have acquired bad comments. We just need the most effective home tutors to aid pupils succeed in studies, and thus we usually obtain feedbacks from our pupils. By using a trustworthy home tutor, it will truly make a significant difference in a pupil’s studies. That’s the final objective of our tuition agency.

check12Lastly, we realise the significance of the role of the co-coordinators. We discover that lots of tuition agencies employ part-timers as being co-coordinators. In addition, these types of agencies don’t provide good training for their own co-coordinators. For that reason, certain co-coordinators don’t usually choose an ideal tutor who suits the client’s requirements. This kind of arrangement does not work because not all requirements of the client are fulfilled. With our agency, our co-coordinators are full-timers and so are provided the appropriate training. Therefore, they’re able to comprehend the client’s requirements and fulfil all those needs by selecting a suitable tutor. This can help to lessen the number of parents abandoning home tuition.


Who is TuitionSingapore.Org?

We are a tuition agency operated by:

HZ Tuition
We have a team of full-time tuition co-coordinators
A pool of trustworthy, full-time tutors, NIE Trainees, MOE school teacher and part-time tutor.


Our Services?

– We offer home tuition for numerous age groups, including pre-school, primary, secondary, junior college and Polytechnic pupils.
– Recommending tuition tasks to trustworthy home tutors to further improve their own abilities
– Assisting private schools as well as tuition centres to get good-quality tutors.


What do parents mentioned about us?
Many thanks to TuitionSingapore.Org for introducing us an efficient and experienced tutor. I’ve been changing four to five tutors in the past. Several tutors whom I’ve earlier employed were hard to rely on. They were either never punctual, or they quit midway. I had been in stress because all I needed was to assist my kid enhance in his studies. I never imagined that it’d be this type of trouble simply to get a best-suited tutor. Fortunately, I came across TuitionSingapore. Org and my kid continues to be with the exact same tutor since that time. I’d like to thank the company as well as the helpful co-coordinators for assisting to acquire a liable tutor for my kid!